An Alternate Existence

This is a series of alternate universe Fraser/Kowalski stories.
They were commissioned to celebrate the anniversary of RSGS by YeungMaiSu
who asked for F/K in different time periods.

In addition, each of the segments was specially dedicated to the birthdays of the Duesers listed.

The Moo is pleased to offer a few different takes on how life might have turned out
for a couple of souls that sometimes find themselves born
in the same place, the same time, the same gender
and destined to fall in love.

indicates Moo's personal favourite.

TYK to many people:
Betas - Jean, Julia
Illustrator - Janice Sager
Dueser Advisors and Commentators - Janice, M-A, The Sneed
Non-Dueser Advisors and Commentators - David, Jeff, Michael, Jim, George

Jerusalem 5 BC
Drama, rated R.
To help celebrate the birthday of Julia.

London 1599
Comedy, rated PG.
To help celebrate the birthday of YeungMaiSu.

Warsaw 1942
Drama, rated PG.
Death warning.
To help celebrate the birthday of The Moo.

Chicago 1996
Epilogue, rated PG.