As I said, these haiku are unrelated to the fic except that I
scribbled them while waiting in airports.

First 2 are thoughts the boys may have had during the events of COTW.
I know Amanda is more a Ray V person but these just suggested
themselves to me because it was pretty cold and snowy that day:

Ray K's thoughts:

On a mountain side
My friend made me a hammock.
I'd fall without him.

Fraser's thoughts:

A hole in the snow
In the middle of nowhere.
I smile and I'm home.

The last has nothing to do with the boys but in one episode the judge
calls Dief "Diefenbachia" which is tall-growing houseplant. Nothing
really to do with DS but I was bored in the airport.

No matter how large it grows
It stays in the pot.

Okay, I'll shut up now.
The Moo

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