Me:  So, it's been, what, two weeks now. Are you enjoying your work in Accounts Payable?
 He:  Very much so, ma'am.
 Me:  Don't call me ma'am.
 He:  Very much so, sir.
 Me:  Marilyn
 He:  Very much so, Marilyn.
 Me:  It's not too boring for you, entering payment vouchers all day long?
 He:  Well, now that you mention it, the work itself is not really all that challenging but the kinds of things we are paying for with these vouchers are really interesting. This morning I processed a helicopter service for Tajikistan, some armoured vests, some bomb disposal equipment and some rubber door signs. It's fascinating.
 Me:  Fascinating, eh?
 He:  Is there something wrong with that word?
 Me:  Spock always calls things 'fascinating'. Are you a Trekkie?
 He:  No, I'm a Mountie.
 Me:  (to myself) I'd be annoyed with this if he weren't soooooooooooo cute sitting at his little computer, tapping away with those cute little fingers....
 He:  I just have one question, though.
 Me:  Yes, Benton.
 He:  Well, this invoice here for rubber door signs - I was wondering - why are we buying rubber doors, let alone signs for them?
 Me:  (looking upwards and appealing for help to the Powers That Be) Is there a purchase order for them, Benton?
 He:  Yes, number 51952.
 Me:  Then process it.
 He:  Yes'am...Marilyn.

(He's so obedient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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