When he reports for work the first day, as we go up the elevator, I'll tell him we're on a first name basis from highest ranking poohbah to lowly himself. I ask if Benton is the first name he's used to. He sheepishly says, yes, he'd like it but if its too unusual for people to handle....

Well, then I say Vladlena, Grozda, Suleyman and Dalibor may have some trouble with it but I'm sure they'll cope.

We get off the elevator and I take him to the big room where we all work.

Me: So, here's your desk, right beside mine so I can instruct you.

He: Yes ma'am.

Me: Marilyn. First name basis. Remember that.

He: Yes Ma...Marilyn.

Me: I don't recognise the uniform. (the brown uniform) Is that really an RCMP uniform?

He: Yes Ma...Marilyn, but its somewhat outdated.

Me: In the accounting department we all wear civvies, Benton. In fact you're the only one who even has a uniform. When you get introduced around, have a look at how all the men are dressing, you'll get a feel for what they wear. It can get pretty warm in here in the summer, though. There's air conditioning but it doesn't work well.

(And I sure hope he'll roll up his sleeves often.)

Me: I'm sending you on a course at 11:00 meanwhile you can read this material, it tells about the different Missions, the Gender Task Force, the Anti-Trafficking, the police schools, ODIHR...

He: I'm sorry, is something wrong?

Me: What do you mean?

He: Is something wrong? You said 'Oh dear'.

Me: No Benton, O.D.I.H.R. Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Read about it in the material.

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