He stood quietly in line for customs.  He'd learned how to show calm when he'd been deep undercover, and those lessons had worked well, ever since.  He smiled at the customs official when he reached the counter.


She smiled back at him and looked at his passport.  "What brings you to Austria, sir?"


"I'm here to visit a friend who works here, now."  He relaxed against the counter, giving her his most charming smile.


She nodded.  "And how long will you be staying?"


"Couple of weeks, then I'll be going on to Italy, where my sister's getting



The woman smiled and stamped his passport.  "Welcome to Vienna.  I   hope

your stay will be pleasant.


"Thank *you*."  He gathered up his suitcase that the woman had cursorily glanced through and headed out to find a taxi.




It had been a very long day.  Beneeshore had been somewhat glum.  He  knew

that it was The Moo's birthday, but he had found out late, and hadn't  had a

chance to go out and get her anything in honor of the day.  Finally,  though,  the workday was coming to an end.  As they prepared to leave for the evening, though, the door to the office opened, and a familiar figure entered.


Ben stood there, staring in shock.  "Ray?"


"Hey, Benny."


"Ray?  What are you doing here?"


Ray shrugged.  "Well, Frannie finally found herself a husband and they're getting married in Rome in two weeks.  I figured I'd take a little extra time and  stop off and visit you." 


Finally, he shook his head and threw his arms around his friend, giving him a mighty hug, patting him on the back.  "Good to see you, Benny."


"It's good to see you, too, Ray."  Ben had the widest smile on his  face.  The  Moo came in, gathering her coat and checking that everything was put  away and froze.  There was a stranger there, and he was hugging Beneeshore.


"Um, how do you do?"


"Ah, ma'am.  May I introduce you to my friend, Ray.  He's from  America.  Well, Chicago, specifically, but he's..."


"You must be The Moo that Benny's been talking about.  It's a pleasure to finally meet you.  Ray Vecchio."  She held out her hand and he bent over it,  lifting it to his lips in the most courtly manner. 


"Y-yes, it's nice to meet you, too."  The Moo's eyes glistened at the man's  beautiful green eyes. 


"Uh, I was gonna take Benny out for dinner, would you care to join  us?"  He was suave, and very good looking, and The Moo's heart just went  pit-a-pat.


"Well, uh,"


"Ray, perhaps The Moo has other plans."  He turned to her, "I'm afraid  I didn't  discover that it was your natal day until this afternoon, and I'm  sorry, but I've nothing to commemorate the day."  He glanced at his supervisor,  "However, if  you're free, It would be my pleasure to take you out to dinner."


The moo couldn't help smiling.  She hadn't had plans, so the offer was unexpected, and very nice.  To be escorted by two such handsome men...  "I'd  love to."


"Teriffic!" Ray beamed.  "Come on, Benny.  Get your aa, uh, tail in  gear and

 let's go."  He offered The Moo his arm, which she took, and then found  Ben on

 her other side, and took his arm as well.  Beaming, the three of them left the building, smiling at the security man who locked up behind them.


It was going to be a great birthday.

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