The Moo was laying in bed, the ache still echoed
through what could only be described as a very tired
body. Too tired to sleep and unable to make a decent
meal, the Moo just lain there trying not to feel the

The clatter of silverware coming from the kitchen
caught the Moo's attention. Trying to sit up proved
to be harder than anticipated, so the Moo just flopped
back down and sighed in frustration.

"I hope I did not disturb your rest." Benny whispered
as he slowly entered the dimly lit bed room with a
tray of food.

"What are you doing here?" The Moo asked and
struggled to sit up.

"Here," Benny reached for the pillows and gently
pulled the Moo into a sitting position, "I made you

"I'm too tired." Running a hand over all too tired
eyes, the Moo mumbled and struggled to wake up.

"It's alright," Benny gently kissed the Moo's fingers
and smiled sweetly, "I'm here to take care of you
until you feel better."

The Moo did not resist as he began spooning the
flavorful broth down a dry throat.

After the soup was gone, Benny picked up the Moo's
medication and offered it.

Making a face, the Moo turned away and in a winy voice
complained, "it tastes terrible".

"You must take it," Benny placed the small pill in the
Moo's mouth and gently held the glass up to parched
lips, "it will help you get better." Adjusting the
covers, he gently helped the Moo lay down comfortably.
"Get some rest and I'll be back soon."

Nodding, the Moo tried to sleep but sleep would not
come easily. Listening to Benny doing the dishes and
putting things away seemed to relax the Moo but not
enough to really sleep.

The thought that once the dishes were put away Benny
would leave kept echoing through the Moo's mind.

The Moo felt a weight on the bed and glanced over to
see Benny taking his boots off before he lain back.

Smiling, he adjusted the Moo's pillows. "I'm not
going anywhere," he kissed a sweaty cheek, "I'll be
here when you need me."

Settling back, the Moo felt comforted to have a good
care-giver near by and they both drifted off to a
peaceful slumber.

Hope you like it.

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