before the night is over


i whisper gently, "let's show them how to live."

i tentatively grasp your hand tightly to my chest;
drawing it around my waist to comfort my soul.
solemnly i lead you towards the penetrating light
ahead as we cautiously tread behind the closed doors
and whispered lies of our past.


my voice echoes hesitantly as our foorsteps blend
together to make rythmic the beating of our hearts and
breath upon the monotonous gray linoleum beneath us.

pound. inhale. pound. exhale.

ever so slowly we saunter, eyes cowed and head bowed
low. our rythyms blend into one, baptized in our blood
and in our tears. i speak no more as my eyes are held
captive in your breathtaking gaze. mindnumbing my own
essence, you enlighten my perceptions and allow me to
believe in what can't be seen.

you draw me close into the enveloping folds of your
coat, blinding me to yesterday, as you count aloud the
stars you named for me.

light wavers nearer my face. it pierces, burning apart
these blood red lips in our merging as anguish searing
through our souls.

and then you accept the pain, accept me in the pain.

you pull me close and whisper in my ear, "let's show
them how to live."

as we walk hand in hand out of the closet and into the

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