From Laurie Strode:


Thought I should write the birthday fic writer a birthday fic, not the best but good intentions were meant.


Rated G



 Benton Fraser tore the sheets off himself.




The figure next to him awoke, "What is it?"


"I had the worst nightmare."


"What? About what?"


"I dreamt I was in Chicago."


"The States aren't that bad," The figure rolled over trying to get back to sleep.


"That wasn't the worst part. There were these incompetent Americans, And I... I was a mountie!"


The figure let a giggle escape their lips. "We've been playing Dudly and Nell too much that's all."


"And I kept seeing my father..."


"You saw him last week, I don't see what's soo odd about that."


"He was dead! And I had a wolf... Actually half wolf... and a partner who was replaced by someone who didn't look a thing like him, but he was supposed to be him..... and something to do with a flock of turtles...."


"Go to sleep dear."


"Alright Moo." Benton Fraser lied back down for a minute, but then sat up again.




"Yes dear?"


"You should wear more red, it suits you." He finally turned and shut his eyes.

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