Moo---Happy Birthday, Dear.  You deserve a wonderfully marvelous day!!!


Now, since I am trying my best to finish my Grace fic, my time is limited.  So writing you a fic in your honor is not going to happen.  I can write a quick little ditty.  I hope you like it!!



Here's a little ditty for the Birthday girl Moo.


Who loves the one Mountie all dressed in red serge.


She has a thing for the Detective Ray Vecchio, too.


He says it's the Moo's birthday, and we should all splurge.


To send her best wishes and a compliment or two.


And tell her how much we love what she inscribes


Because she gives so much for me and for you,


We should all say Happy Birthday to our own Birthday scribe!!


So I wish you a day of fun with you know who,


Benton Fraser of course, the Mountie in red.


He'll come in your dreams with a present for you,


So have a smile and waiting arms when tonight you go to bed.



Happy Birthday, Moo!!!


(okay-the poem sucks, but the sentiment is real and the wish is sent with love!!!)Ellen

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